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Used DVDs
$3.95 each

All used DVDs are from my private collection and have probably only been watched once.

Shipping Charges for Movies
1st DVD $1.75
each additional DVD 75¢

Buy 4 or more DVDs and get FREE Shipping!

There is no minimum order when ordering DVDs or VHS Tapes.

To reserve any one of these DVDs or Tapes fill out my online order form or send me an e-mail.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Widescreen, 2-Disc Special Edition
Steven Spielberg
Antz - Signature Selection
Woody Allen, Sylvester Stallone

Blade II
New Line Platinum Series
2 disc set - Wesley Snipes

Collector's Edition

Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes
Crest of the Stars - To the Stars Vol. 1
Bandai - Region 1
Full Metal Panic! Mission 01
ADV Films- Region 1
Fiddler on the Roof
Special Edition - 3 hours of extras

(each viewed once from my private collection)

Gatekeepers: Open The Gate Vol. 1
Gatekeepers: Infiltration Vol. 3
Gatekeepers: The New Threat Vol. 4
Gatekeepers: To The Rescue Vol. 5
Gatekeepers: Discovery Vol. 6
All of these DVDs are Region 1 from PIONEER

Jurassic Park
Collector's Edition
Iron Giant

A Man for All Seasons
Winner of 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture
The Odd Couple
Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau

Metropolis by Osamu Tezuka
In Japanese and English from Columbia Tristar


The Prince of Egypts - Signature Selection
The Road Home
Zhang Ziyi - Columbia/Tristar - DTS


Sakura Diaries Vol. 1 (3 complete episodes)
(Rated 17 and up for nudity and sexual situations)


Spider-Man (Widescreen Edition)
2 disc Special Edition
(viewed once)


This page last updated on: January 25, 2010